Harrisburg Men's Chorus

Harrisburg Men's Chorus Sweatshirt

A creneck sweatshirt for the Harrisburg Men's Chorus.

Collection: LGBT-023 - Maurer


Organizations: Harrisburg Men's Chorus

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Lily White & Company and Harrisburg Men's Chorus Calendar - 1994

Proposal to create a calendar featuring Lily White & Company and the Harrisburg Men's Chorus. 

Paul Foltz
March 20, 2015

Paul Foltz grew up in Steelton in a very Catholic household, a background to which he attributes his unawareness of his sexuality until later in his college years. It wasn’t until he went to England to complete his graduate-level theatre studies...

Unity Festival 1990 Advertisement and Staff T-shirt
1989 - 1992

This collection contains materials from the Harrisburg Men’s Chorus, and the 1989 and 1990 Unity Festivals, precursors to the Central PA Pride Fest. Unity Festival materials include planning documents, advertisements, and letters for Unity...

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