Paul Peyton Appenzellar (1875-1953)

Paul Peyton Appenzellar, 1895

Born on October 24, 1875 in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania to David K. and Elizabeth (Fohl) Appenzellar, Paul Peyton Appenzellar went to preparatory school in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania as well as Dickinson preparatory school in Carlisle. He entered the College in 1891 and in 1895 received his A.B. in the Latin-Scientific Section. During his college years Paul Appenzellar was the vice president of his sophomore class, a member of Beta Theta Pi Fraternity, the Whist Club, the Blaine Republican Club, and the Press Club. He was also manager of the Baseball Team.

Following graduation, he went on to teach at the Dickinson Preparatory School for two years. By 1905, he had become a member of a firm specializing in investment banking and soon thereafter became Director of the New York Railways Company. He married Edna Howell of New York City on March 2, 1909. Appenzellar created the firm of Swartwont and Appenzellar and became a member of the N.Y. Stock Exchange. He served on the boards of various New York-based companies, including the Dictaphone Corporation, which he helped found.

Soon after his exchange firm was purchased by the company of Merrill, Lynch, Pierre, Fenner & Beane, Appenzellar retired on money made from his investments and involvements with various organizations, including the National Republican Club.

Strongly supportive of his alma mater, he served as a College Trustee first from 1916 to 1917 and then again from 1921 until his resignation in 1944. In that year, Appenzellar resigned because of his deep disagreement concerning the appointment of Dr. Fred P. Corson, then president, to the post of Methodist bishop. A long-term opponent of the intrusion of church affairs in the life of the College, his break was bitter and complete and his valuable service on the Executive and Finance Committees for the board was lost. Appenzellar then retired to his home in New York.

On August 15, 1953, Appenzellar died of a heart attack at his Mountainview House in Whitefield, New Hampshire where he and his wife had been spending the summer. He was seventy-seven years old.

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1916-1917; 1921-1944