Section on US Students Abroad (SECUSSA): Expanding Study Abroad Options
October 1976

The National  Association of Foreign Student Advisers' (NAFSA) Section on US Student's Abroad (SECUSSA) October 1976 newsletter focuses on expanding study abroad opportunities to a wider section of the student population. The author discusses the...

Ten Tips for Including African-Americans in Study Abroad Programs

A list of tips for recruiting African-American students for study abroad programs and how to make these programs more accessbile to a diverse student population.

Collection: Jon V.C. Booth Papers

Format: Miscellaneous

Council on International Educational Exchange Scholarship Fund for Minority Students
circa 1990

This pamphlet advertises the Council on International Education's fund to assist minority students financially in studying abroad. The pamhplet explains why the fund is important and the need for contributions.

"A National Mandate for Education Abroad: Getting On With The Task"
May 1990

This project from the National Task Force on Undergraduate Study Abroad, which was composed of NAFSA, CIEE, and IEE members, was part of an effort to develop new policies on diversity, financial concerns, and program expansion.

Orienting Minority Students for an Overseas Experience
November 8, 1990

A list of discussion questions created for the 43rd International Conference on Educational Exchange held by the Council on International Educational Exchange pertaining to the inclusion and/or participation of minority students in study abroad...

Collection: Jon V.C. Booth Papers

Format: Miscellaneous

"Fostering Ethnic Diversity in Educational Programs Abroad," by Catherine Gamon
May 27, 1991

A presentation by Catherine Gamon at the NAFSA National Conference in 1991. This presentation discusses attracting a more diverse group of students for participation in study abroad programs, becoming aware of different experiences for students...

Collection: Jon V.C. Booth Papers

Format: Miscellaneous

Minority Experience of Study Abroad
June 1991

Brown University students wrote this collection of short reflections to describe their study abroad experience.  The Office of International Programs at Brown published the booklet as part of an effort to address concerns among minority students...

"Overcoming Eurocentrism: Mexico Presents Special Opportunities," by Katherine Krebs
January/February 1993

An excerpt from the article "Overcoming Eurocentrism: Mexico Presents Special Opportunities" by Katherine Krebs in the January/February issue of Transitions magazine. Krebs discusses the stigmas associated with Mexico for American...

Occasional Papers on International Educational Exchange #30
November 1993

Occasional Papers on International Exchange are a series of essays published intermittently by the Council on International Educational Exchange that focus on varying research topics related to the professionalization of the study abroad...

International Educator Magazine
Summer 1999

The International Educator magazine published by NAFSA: Association of International Educators for summer 1999 contains various articles related to study abroad topics like political crisis in foreign countries,  the issue of suicide among...

"The Exchange Student Survival Kit," by Bettina Hansel

The Exchange Student Survival Kit by Bettina Hansel is a guide for high school exchange students and college study abroad students participating in a home stay.

Meeting America's Global Education Challenge: Current Trends in U.S. Study Abroad & the Impact of Strategic Diversity Initiatives
May 2007

"Current Trends in U.S. Study Abroad &  the Impact of Strategic Diversity Initiatives" is a part of the Institute for International Education's Study Abroad White Paper Series. This research papers discusses how the current trends in study...

"'I'll Remember This Trip': Fifty Years of Study Abroad at UW-Madison," by Joan Raducha

"I'll Remember This Trip": Fifty Years of Study Abroad at UW-Madison by Joan A. Raducha describes the founding and history of international education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Collection: AIFS

Format: Books and Pamphlets

IIE White Paper Series, "Promoting Study Abroad in the Science and Technology Fields" (No. 5)
March 2009

The Institute of International Education published "Promoting Study Abroad in the Science and Technology Fields" as part of their Study Abroad White Paper Series. This series is aimed at expanding the capacity and diversity of study abroad...

U.S. - India Higher Education Summit
October 13, 2011

The agenda for the U.S. - India Higher Education Summit that took place at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. on October 13, 2011.  The summit was aimed to promote study abroad program development between the United States and India.

Collection: Brian Whalen Papers

Format: Miscellaneous

The Forum on Education Abroad European Conference (2012)
December 2-5, 2012

A promotional advertisement for The Forum on Education Abroad's First European Conference at University College Dublin from December 5-7, 2012.  The topic of the conference was "Reinventing the European Experience: Culture, Politics, and...

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