European Adventure Pack

This article by Reed Alvord for Reader's Digest discusses an incident in which 3,500 students studying abroad were left stranded throughout Europe after "the sudden bankruptcy of a flimsily structured study-tour agency". The article...

Check List of Questions for Evaluating Programs Abroad

A check list prepared by the Section on US Students abroad (SECUSSA) for students to evaluate the legitimacy of a study abroad program and to assess if it is the right program for their academic interests and needs. It includes information about...

Collection: Jon V.C. Booth Papers

Format: Miscellaneous

"How to Read Study Abroad Literature," by Lily Von Klemperer
April 1976

A hand out prepared by Lily Von Klemperer that teaches students how to read and assess advertisements for study abroad programs. It contains a list of warning signs that an agency might be illegitimate and items to look for that would indicate...

Collection: Jon V.C. Booth Papers

Format: Miscellaneous

Section on US Students Abroad (SECUSSA): Expanding Study Abroad Options
October 1976

The National  Association of Foreign Student Advisers' (NAFSA) Section on US Student's Abroad (SECUSSA) October 1976 newsletter focuses on expanding study abroad opportunities to a wider section of the student population. The author discusses the...

European Adventure Pack

The University of Minnesota provides students with ideas and inspirations for their travel abroad experience in "European Adventure Pack". This booklet contains advice and information about preparing for travel and study abroad, transportation in...

Letter from Hugh Jenkins to Mary Ann Spreckelmeyer
January 19, 1977

A proposal by the National Association for Foreign Student Affairs (NAFSA) to the US Department asking for a $15,000 grant to "improve services offered to US students seeking opportunities abroad". The proposal is 5 pages long and contains a...

Collection: Jon V.C. Booth Papers

Format: Miscellaneous

Study Abroad- Did You Know? (Dickinson College)

A list of the most frequently asked questions by students applying to study abroad through Dickinson College. This list answers questions related to where the students can study, how to begin the process, language requirements, length of study,...

Study Abroad with CU (University of Colorado)

A list of all of the study abroad programs offered through the University of Colorado in the spring of 1979 with fees and language requirements. The back consists of application procedures and other general information.

Collection: Jon V.C. Booth Papers

Format: Miscellaneous

Students Abroad: A Guide for Selecting a Foreign Education
February 1979

The National Association of Foreign Student Affairs (NAFSA) uses "Students Abroad: A Guide for Selecting a Foreign Education"  to provide students with basic information about evaluating and choosing a study abroad program. The pamphlet covers...

Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) 1980 Annual Report

The Council on International Educational Exchange's (CIEE) annual report for 1980. It includes summaries of financial activity of the council, summaries of participants on various programs offered by the council, and a list of the directors and...

What We Don't Know Can Hurt Us: The Shortfall in International Competence

A report from the Commission on International Education of the American Council on Education that discusses "the decline in support for international education [and] contrasts it with examples of growing needs for national competence in economic...

1985 Student Youth Passport

The Flying Intercollegiate Holidays' promotional 1985 Student Youth Passport contains both flight and program information for student travel abroad.

39th Council of International Educational Exchange (CIEE) National Conference in Washington D.C. Summary Report
November 1986

The summary report of the 39th national conference of CIEE. It contains a list of the major topics dicussed at the conference such as the improvement of foreign language classes in the United States, improvement of the flow of information...

Minutes of SECUSSA National Team Meeting
October 2, 1988

The minutes from the SECUSSA National Team Meeting in 1988. The issues discussed during the meeting included the NAFSA code of ethics, student concerns with the French Consulate, and upcoming field service opportunities.

Council on International Educational Exchange Scholarship Fund for Minority Students
circa 1990

This pamphlet advertises the Council on International Education's fund to assist minority students financially in studying abroad. The pamhplet explains why the fund is important and the need for contributions.

"A National Mandate for Education Abroad: Getting On With The Task"
May 1990

This project from the National Task Force on Undergraduate Study Abroad, which was composed of NAFSA, CIEE, and IEE members, was part of an effort to develop new policies on diversity, financial concerns, and program expansion.

Orienting Minority Students for an Overseas Experience
November 8, 1990

A list of discussion questions created for the 43rd International Conference on Educational Exchange held by the Council on International Educational Exchange pertaining to the inclusion and/or participation of minority students in study abroad...

Collection: Jon V.C. Booth Papers

Format: Miscellaneous

The Teenager's Guide to Study, Travel, Adventure

The Council on International Education Exchange's guide for high school and college study abroad students. The CIEE published this guide in 1991.

NAFSA Educators Resource Guide (1995)

A NAFSA: Association of International Educators Resource Guide from the 1995 National Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana.  This guide was designed to accompany the NAFSA Workshop "Study Abroad 201 - Developing and Managing Study Abroad Policies...

Basic Facts on Study Abroad in the 21st Century

In this pamphlet The National Association of Foreign Student Advisers (NAFSA) provides information about choosing and participating in a study abroad program in the 21st century. Some topics covered in the pamphlet include making goals for...

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