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Letter from DeWitt Baldwin to Heads of Departments of Modern Languages

DeWitt C. Baldwin, International Director of the Lisle Fellowship, Inc., writes to the Heads of Departments in Russian, Spanish, and French to promote summer programs in practical foreign language use.

AIFS College Division Summer School Programs (1970)

The Summer School program catalog for 1970 from the American Institute for Foreign Study's College Division.

Check List of Questions for Evaluating Programs Abroad

A check list prepared by the Section on US Students abroad (SECUSSA) for students to evaluate the legitimacy of a study abroad program and to assess if it is the right program for their academic interests and needs. It includes information about...

Collection: Jon V.C. Booth Papers

Format: Miscellaneous

"Language Teaching in the Foreign Setting," by David Kaufman
May 1976

This resource paper for the Section on US Student's Abroad (SECUSSA) Professional Day discusses challenges associated with learning a language in a foreign place. The author of the paper also offers advice for scheduling, structuring, and pacing...

European Adventure Pack

The University of Minnesota provides students with ideas and inspirations for their travel abroad experience in "European Adventure Pack". This booklet contains advice and information about preparing for travel and study abroad, transportation in...

Study Abroad- Did You Know? (Dickinson College)

A list of the most frequently asked questions by students applying to study abroad through Dickinson College. This list answers questions related to where the students can study, how to begin the process, language requirements, length of study,...

Transitions: A Periodical Review of Educational Travel and Study Abroad (Winter 1978)
Winter 1978

The Winter 1978 Edition of Transitions featuring student guides to Italy, France, and the United Kingdom. William Gertz's guide on Italy is featured on page 9.

Students Abroad: A Guide for Selecting a Foreign Education
February 1979

The National Association of Foreign Student Affairs (NAFSA) uses "Students Abroad: A Guide for Selecting a Foreign Education"  to provide students with basic information about evaluating and choosing a study abroad program. The pamphlet covers...

Educating for the World View

Educating for the World View is a special report created by the Council on Learning. It contains articles with varying subjects, such as "What Students Know About Their World", "Forward to Basics", and "The New Curricular Equation". 

Collection: Jon V.C. Booth Papers

Format: Miscellaneous

Peace Corps Volunteers at The Experiment in International Living, c.1980
circa 1980

A group of Peace Corps Volunteers prepare for two years of service in Guinea at the Experiment's School for International Training.

The School for International Training at The Experiment for International Living, c.1980
circa 1980

The Experiment's School for International Training in Brattleboro, Vermont.  It is here that both Incoming and Outbound program participants are trained for their experiences abroad.

Transitions (Winter 1982)
Winter 1982

The Winter 1982 edition of Transitions includes guides to work, study, and travel abroad. Featured articles include "Biking New Zealand," "Study in Poland," and "MBA in Span."

One Friendship at a Time: Your Guide to International Youth Exchange

"One Friendship at a Time: Your Guide to International Youth Exchange" is a booklet created by the President's Council for Internation Youth Exchange and the Consortium for International Citizen Exchange. It contains basic information about being...

"America's Crisis in International Competence: Our Nation's Failure to Educate Students for the Future"
circa 1985

A booklet of "statistics and anecdotes" about the lack of international education among American students and why the American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS) considers this to be a crisis for the future of international business and politics...

"Guide to On-Site Evaluation of Undergraduate Study-Abroad Programs," by Ronald Stutzman

"Guide to On-Site Evaluation of Undergraduate Study-Abroad Programs," by Ronald Stutzman is a "step-by-step resource tool for planning, carrying out,  and reporting evaluations of programs". The booklet contains guidelines for assessing...

1985 Student Youth Passport

The Flying Intercollegiate Holidays' promotional 1985 Student Youth Passport contains both flight and program information for student travel abroad.

39th Council of International Educational Exchange (CIEE) National Conference in Washington D.C. Summary Report
November 1986

The summary report of the 39th national conference of CIEE. It contains a list of the major topics dicussed at the conference such as the improvement of foreign language classes in the United States, improvement of the flow of information...

"What We Can't Say Can Hurt Us"

The American Council on Education issues this policy statement, What We Can't Say Can Hurt Us: A Call for Foreign Language Competence by the Year 2000, in 1989.  It calls on higher education institutions to incorporate language...

The Teenager's Guide to Study, Travel, Adventure

The Council on International Education Exchange's guide for high school and college study abroad students. The CIEE published this guide in 1991.

"Fostering Ethnic Diversity in Educational Programs Abroad," by Catherine Gamon
May 27, 1991

A presentation by Catherine Gamon at the NAFSA National Conference in 1991. This presentation discusses attracting a more diverse group of students for participation in study abroad programs, becoming aware of different experiences for students...

Collection: Jon V.C. Booth Papers

Format: Miscellaneous

Minority Experience of Study Abroad
June 1991

Brown University students wrote this collection of short reflections to describe their study abroad experience.  The Office of International Programs at Brown published the booklet as part of an effort to address concerns among minority students...

International Educator Magazine Fall/Winter 1993

The International Educator magazine published by NAFSA: Association of International Educators for fall/winter 1993 contains various articles related to study abroad topics, including students studying in Russia and the challenges presented by...

Occasional Papers on International Educational Exchange #30
November 1993

Occasional Papers on International Exchange are a series of essays published intermittently by the Council on International Educational Exchange that focus on varying research topics related to the professionalization of the study abroad...

The Power of Educational Exchange: Essays in Honor of Jack Egle

The Council of International Educational Exchange (CIEE) presents a series of essays in honor of it's past president, Jack Egle. Jack Egle worked with the council in it's earliest stages and the council honors his contribution with this booklet...

Basic Facts on Study Abroad in the 21st Century

In this pamphlet The National Association of Foreign Student Advisers (NAFSA) provides information about choosing and participating in a study abroad program in the 21st century. Some topics covered in the pamphlet include making goals for...


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