Dickinson Alumnus, May 1939

Selected Highlights from this Issue: 
  • The Board of Trustees unanimously approved the reconstruction of Bosler Hall in a style similar to that of Old West. 
  • Maria Dickinson Logan, great-granddaughter of John Dickinson, bequeathed John Dickinson relics to the college. 
  • Walter A. Hearn (class of 1914), John M. Pearson (class of 1918), and F. LaMont Henninger (class of 1924) were appointed District Superintendents in their respective conferences by the Methodist Episcopal Church. 
  • The Who’s Who in America magazine published a two-page biography of Dr. Charles William Super (class of 1866), the oldest living Dickinson Alumnus. 
  • The Alumnus printed Lieutenant Colonel Edgar E. Hume's remarks at Founders' Day in which he discussed the similarities between Dickinson and the Society of Cincinnati.
  • Graduates of Conway Hall, the Dickinson preparatory school, formed an alumni group. 
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