Dickinson Alumnus, November 1931

Selected Highlights from this Issue: 
  • Board of Trustees elected Dr. Karl Tinsley Waugh as the new President of the College.
  • Rear Admiral Arthur J. Hepburn (class of 1896) was appointed as a naval adviser to the United States delegation at the general disarmament conference in Geneva.
  • Charles C. Greer (class of 1892) and William W. Uttley (class of 1894) were elected as judges in Pennsylvania. 
  • Phi Delta Theta opened a new fraternity house, located directly opposite of East College on N. West street.
  • The Alumnus printed Dr. Wilbur F. Horn's (class of 1869) "Some Observations and Reflections on Energy," which was originally published in 1927 following Albert Einstein's announcement regarding a new unified field theory.