Emperor Nicholas I

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Letter from James Buchanan to Stephen Pleasonton
September 10, 1847

Secretary of State James Buchanan writes to Stephen Pleasonton, an auditor, and approves John Randolph Clay's expenses related to attending the marriage of the daughter of the Emperor of Russia. Clay was the Secretary of Legation for the United States in Russia. Buchanan, who served as the...

Location: MC 1998.10, B2, F16

Subject: Economics and Finance, International Affairs, Politics and Government

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1840-1859

Letter from James Buchanan to Christopher L. Ward
September 20, 1853

James Buchanan writes to Christopher L. Ward and describes life in London as the new United States Minister to the United Kingdom and discusses the possibility of a conflict between Russia and Turkey in the Crimean. Buchanan also mentions his introduction to Queen Victoria. "The manners of the...

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