Ritner, Joseph

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Letters from James Buchanan to Henry Shippen

James Buchanan writes two letters to Henry Shippen regarding purchasing land out west, a judicial appointment in Iowa, Pennsylvania politics, the financial system, and the Deposit Law of 1836. "I have been accustomed to witness many humbugs," but as Buchanan explains, Pennsylvania "Governor [...

Letter from James Buchanan to James Humes
October 13, 1832

James Buchanan writes to James Humes regarding the "unpleasant circumstances attending my departure" from the United States, Pennsylvania Governor George Wolf's re-election, and increasing sectional tensions. Buchanan also describes his experience living in St. Petersburg as the United States...

Letter from James Buchanan to Reuel William
September 18, 1838

Senator James Buchanan writes to Senator Reuel William regarding the 1838 gubernatorial election in Pennsylvania between Joseph Ritner and David Porter. Transcript included.

Location: MC 1998.10, B1, F21

Subject: Politics and Government

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1820-1839

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