Pennsylvania State Senate

Pennsylvania State Senate pins (4), c.1929-1936

Four member pins belonging to Leon Cushing Prince as a member of the Pennsylvania State Senate from 1929 to 1936. Three of the pins are gold with blue enamel and the state seal from 1930-1931, 1933-1934, and 1935-1936. The last pin is a gold keystone-shaped pin in red and white enamel from 1929. The pins from 1929 and 1930-31 are marked "W & H CO." on the back. The 1933-34 pin is marked "ROBBINS CO.  ATTLEBORO." The 1934-35 pin is marked "S. E. EBY CO.  PHILA."

Artifact/Collection Number: AC 00174

Location: Shelf 26 (housed with AC 00161 - AC 00180)

Subject: Pins, Politics

Format: Pins/Buttons

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