Phi Epsilon Pi Pledge Class Paddle, 1980

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Phi Epsilon Pi Pledge Class Paddle, 1980
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Ac 00875
Reading Room 6 (housed with AC 00880, AC 00876, & AC 00873)

The Phi Epsilon Pi Pledge Class Paddle for 1980 is made out of wood in the shape of a cigar. On the left side partition is "PHI EP  BRAND" in red lettering, "100% PURE" in yellow lettering with the fraternity crest next to it, and below that is "UNITED TOBACCO" in red  lettering. To the right of the partition is ALLEN, CHRIS, CHRIS, DAVE, DAVE, a gap between names, GORDON, JEFF, MIKE, MIKE, SCOTT, TIM, TOM" and the lettering alternates between red and yellow.  After the names is " '80 SPRING" in black lettering.

Original Accession, 2017
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