Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, February 3, 1977

In this edition, a "well-known civil rights attorney" William Kunstler appeared and spoke at the Pre-Law Society's First Annual Law Symposium. The College's Chaplain, Paul Kaylor, resigned from his position after ten years, and prompted the creation of an All-College Study Group on Campus Religious Activities. Dickinson dropped in the ratings on a famous college ratings book, Barron's, mainly due to the lack of interest in SAT scores at the College. President Sam Banks made an effort that conservation measures were taken into effect campus-wide to curb wasted energy. A survey was proposed by the Academic Standards Committee on the plus-minus grading and whether it is better for the education system. A strong number of students disagreed with the system and felt it was "detrimental" and that it should be abolished in the spring. The Public Affairs Symposium will feature an examination of the "practical and physical problems of work and leisure" also known as the 'Sisyphus Syndrome'.