Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, October 9, 1964

Twenty foreign students are welcomed and interviewed in this issue. Food service problems are discussed; a Dining Room Committee is formed. Award winning Russian film "A Summer to Remember" is screened at Bosler Hall. Professor Ferdinanco Maurino to give a series of lectures on Spain. Young Democrats and Young Republicans debate issues of the current U.S. presidential election. Local candidates for congress debate at the Social Hall. A new Independent Study curriculum is introduced. National Teacher exams to be held at Gettysburg College. Professor Hilbert Sabin toured India and Japan this past summer to study folk art, architecture, and culture in these countries. The college radio station, WDCV, will begin broadcasting in October. Football team member Larry Snyder is profiled. IFC football season opens. Track team has first victory of season against Muhlenberg.