Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, September 25, 1970

Senate elects new members to IPR. The College will plant new trees to replace some of the ones that have been cut down and, once pedestrian traffic studies have been completed, install two new red lights. Spontaneous or short-notice marches will now be in violation of a new Carlisle Borough ordinance. Sargent Shriver, former American Ambassador to France and Former Director of the Peace Corps, came and spoke in support of Democratic congress candidates; specifically Arthur Berger. Twenty students will participate in the Harrisburg Urban Semester program sponsored by the Central Pennsylvania Consortium. A replica mermaid replaces the original on top of Old West. ROTC membership declines and is at only 77. Students and staff formed a delegation to the Governor's Conference on the Environment. Over the summer eight biology students participated in a NSF funded project on algae, embryology, and immunology. NSF grants will support a program entitled Student Originated Studies for projects on pollution. Dickinson students participate in the Student Council on Pollution and the Environment, SCOPE, a national organization that helps people make a difference and works with the government to express the peoples environmental concerns. Zero Population Growth, ZPG, plans for an active year of education on the population-environment problem and what action people can take. A free student published newspaper, The Melancholy Accident, on pollution and environmental issues will begin circulation. Enjoy Your Environment, EYE, will orient freshman to the Cumberland Valley biosphere and its problems. Cumberland Valley environmental problems will be a special topic of interest to this years Science Information Group.