Letter from Beverly Waugh to J. B. Roberts

Letter from Beverly Waugh to J. B. Roberts
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June 17-18, 1844

Beverley Waugh writes to his cousin, J. B. Roberts, over a two day period about a variety of topics. In the first part of the letter, Waugh expresses his pleasure at hearing from him, and describes his fascination with Robertsville, saying: "sooner will my right hand forget her cunning, and my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth, than I should or could forget Robertsville and its surrounding scenery."

On the following day, Waugh (Class of 1846) writes about his fellow students at Dickinson College, including D. Evans Bayard (Class of 1847), who met Waugh's aunt. He also comments on two other students who have been driven to idiocy and lunacy by a pair of ladies, noting: "So you see the young ladies do more than break hearts sometimes." He concludes by explaining that he will soon enter his junior year at Dickinson, and discusses his current plans. Transcript included.

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Gift of J. Manning Roberts