Letter from James Buchanan to Henry A. Clover

Letter from James Buchanan to Henry A. Clover
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September 20, 1851

James Buchanan writes to Henry A. Clover regarding the Pennsylvania gubernatorial election and the election prospects of Clover's relative. "Your relative General Clover is in no danger" because, as Buchanan explains, "his opponent, John Strohm is one of the fourteen in the House of Representatives, who voted against the Bill granting volunteers & supplies to President Polk to enable him to carry on the war against Mexico."

Buchanan also discusses Democratic candidates for the 1852 Presidential election. "The Presidential candidate in whose favor the Democracy of Missouri & New York could unite, would present strong claims before the National Convention," as Buchanan explains. Transcript included.

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MC 1998.10, B3, F4
Gift of Boyd Lee Spahr