Letter from Roger B. Taney to J. Mason Campbell

Letter from Roger B. Taney to J. Mason Campbell
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June 15, 1849

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Roger Brooke Taney writes to attorney J. Mason Campbell and discusses various financial issues as well as health concerns. As "I do not know whether I have funds in the Bank to pay the [discount?],” Taney admits to Campbell that “my negligence upon this subject is really inexcusable." In addition, Taney notes that his wife “has improved here wonderfully in spite of the bad weather--and so has Ellen. As to myself--some days I feel as if I was better--but it lasts only for a day or so." Taney also offers advice about a possible cholera outbreak in Maryland’s largest city. While glad to hear "that Baltimore has so far escaped the cholera," Taney tells Campbell to "get into the country as soon as you can."

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Gift of Boyd Lee Spahr