Letter from Thompson Ege to Oliver Ege

Letter from Thompson Ege to Oliver Ege
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May 11, 1852

Thompson Prettyman Ege writes to his father, Oliver Ege, with updates on his life as a student and interactions with people in Carlisle. While "we will commence to review for [end of term] examination" in less than a month, Thompson assures his father that "I am very well and I am trying to get along well in all my studies." Thompson also describes going to "Dr. [Jesse] Peck’s prayer meeting," in which "God filled my heart with a gracious outpouring of his divine love." In addition, Thompson asks his father to send more clothes. While "I can do without the black pants," Thompson explains that "I need a black coat very bad." Thompson, a member of the Class of 1855, writes his father on the reverse side of an old school report from Professor James Marshall. Transcript included.

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Gift of Mrs. John Clothier Stokes