Letter from Whitfield Bell Jr. to Brooks Kleber

Letter from Whitfield Bell Jr. to Brooks Kleber
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June 16, 1942

Whitfield Bell Jr. writes Brooks Kleber to catch up and discuss a number of different subjects. Bell congratulates Kleber on being selected for Officer Training School (OCS) and describes where their former classmates at Dickinson are serving in the United States military. Bell, a member of the Class of 1935 and History professor at Dickinson, also provides updates on what has, or has not, changed at Dickinson since their graduation. "We still cling doggedly to our last place among the Dickinson fraternities," as Bell explains. Bell also relates his experience in being "rejected [for military service] because of my eyes" and discusses what to do. "I don’t want to teach till the war’s over," as Bell notes. Transcript included.

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Gift of Whitfield J. Bell Jr.