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Collections of college and personal papers, as well as a select number of individual documents, have been briefly described in entries available for browsing and searching on this site. All collection and document descriptions contain a representative image and a summary of the contents. 

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Dickinson College Bulletin, 2002-04
June 2002

The Dickinson College catalog for the 2002-2004 academic years. Through the years, the annual catalog was variously titled "The Bulletin," "Catalogue and Register," "Course Catalog," and similar variants. The catalog typically includes the list...

Location: Dickinsoniana Periodicals

Subject: Dickinson College Academic Affairs, Dickinson College Administration, Education

Format: Books and Pamphlets

Time Period: 2000-2019

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SS Dickinson Victory Commemorative Envelope
January 13, 2005

A commemorative envelope for the S.S. Dickinson Victory, which was a "Victory" ship built in California during World War II. The ship launched on February 9, 1945.

Location: I-Friends-2005-2

Subject: Politics and Government

Format: Memorabilia and Ephemera

Time Period: 2000-2019

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Bachelor of Arts Diplomas (Samples)
August 1, 2010

Two sample diplomas from 2010, which is the last year that Dickinson College's diplomas were in Latin. The first diploma is for female students while the second one is for male students.

Location: Diploma Collection

Subject: Education

Format: Certificates and Diplomas

Time Period: 2000-2019

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Belles Lettres Society Diploma (Sample)

This sample Belles Lettres Society Diploma is undated.

Memoir of John Steigleman, Physics and Astronomy Technician, 1960-2000

John W. Steigleman Jr. shares his experiences and personal memories, having worked at Dickinson College for forty years as the technician for the Physics and Astronomy Department.

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Dickinson Basketball vs. Georgetown - 1973, by Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson (class of 1973) recounts Dickinson's basketball game against Georgetown University, held on February 10, 1973 in the Alumni Gymnasium. The game, which Georgetown won 66-65, is part of the celebration of Dickinson's 200th Anniversary...