1881 Choral Concert

Thu., May 26, 1881

A choral performance to benefit the Hamilton Library Association was held at the Sentinel Opera House. The chorus was directed by Professor A. Newberry in a two-part "grand concert". The singers performed Bishop's "Hark Apollo Strikes his Lyre", Wallace's "Holy Mother Guides his Footsteps", Sullivan's "Let Me Dream Again", White's "Sunrise", Poniatowsky's "Yeoman's Wedding Song", Kullak's "The Gazelle", and "The Spanish Flower Girl" for the first half of the concert. After the intermission they continued with Linley's "Comrades in Arms", Tours' "The Buccaneer", DeBeriot's "La Muette de Portici", Arditti's "The Dove", and Emerson's "Twilight Falls" and "Stars of Descending Night". 


May 26, 1881 Choral Concert Program