1904 Commencement Concert

Mon., Jun. 6, 1904

The Glee and Mandolin Clubs performed a program of twelve pieces for the 1904 commencement concert. Their program featured such songs as King's "Noble Dickinsonia", Melville's "The Darkies Drill", Tours' "Symphonique", Rycroft's "Dear Old Pipe", Keller-Bela's "Lustspiel Overture", Stauffer-Hinchman's "Hurrah for Our Colors", Morse's "Dear Old Girl", Holzmann's "Uncle Sammy", Witmark's "We're All Good Fellows", Millet's "We Love to go to Dickinson", and Stauffer-Hinchman's "1904 Melange". 


1904 Commencement Concert Program