1905 Commencement Concert

Mon., Jun. 5, 1905

The Glee and Mandolin Clubs performed a program of sixteen pieces for the 1905 commencement concert in Bosler Hall. Their program featured such pieces as Hinchman-Gill's "Evening Song", Bendix's "Smiles and Caresses", Edwards' "Sweet Thoughts of Home", Samuels' "A Day in Acadia", Gibson's "Summer's Lullaby", Rycroft's "Dear Old Pipe", Stauffer-Hinchman's "Hurrah for Our Colors", Twirley Whirley's "Come Down Ma' Evening Star", Macy's "Good Night Little Girl, Good Night", Meyer-Helmund's "Marguerita", Stauffer's "Hurrah for the Red and White", Wieniawski's "Kiuawiak", Gibson's "Little Elf Man", Bock's "Glory", and King's "Alma Mater". 


1905 Commencement Concert Program