1920 Commencement Concert

Fri., Jun. 11, 1920

The commencement concert for the 1919-1920 academic year was held in Bosler Hall at the start of commencement weekend. The program opened with the Choir singing von der Stucken's "Our Glorious Land" and Sullivan's "The Lost Chord".  George Vanaman then gave a reading from Ben Hur and Margaret Eslinger performed a piano solo to Godard's "Valse Chromatique". Thamzine Cox took the stage to sing two solos: Woodman's "My Heart is a Lute" and Eden's "What's in the Air To-day". Then the Philomel Club performed The Lady of Shalott, a cantata by Tennyson and Bendall". The concert concluded with the Choir singing the Alma Mater. 


1920 Commencement Concert Program