Black Hats face punishment and suspension

Thu., Sep. 3, 1981

17 members of the student organization Skull and Key, known commonly as the "Black Hats", received suspensions in May 1981 for the fall semester as punishment for throwing a beer keg through the windows of four fraternity houses on April 17th. College officials modified their decision after an appeal revealed more concrete information of the event. This revealed that 2 of the organization members were not present, and received social censure. Six others who were present did not throw the keg, and received disciplinary probation for the summer session and fall semester. The nine remaining participants received suspensions for the fall semester. In addition, the Black Hats received a two year suspension. Dean Leonard Goldberg also warned against attempts to form an "underground Black Hat organization", and said the punishments clarified "acceptable behavior".

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Dickinsonian, Sep. 3, 1981, pg. 4.