Dickinson Football Ousts Swarthmore in Controversial Victory

Sat., Oct. 19, 1889

The Red Devils traveled to Swarthmore and pulled out a 17-16 victory. This game ended with a unique twist. Due to injuries Dickinson ran out of subsitutes and had to use a spectator to finish the game. William W. "Beef" Wharton, class of 1889, was watching from the stands and agreed to finish the game for Dickinson--doing so in his street clothes. According to Wilbur J. Gobrecht, author of The History of Football at Dickinson College: 1885-1969, Swarthmore disputed the score because of what they called an "illegal subsitute." Swarthmore claims the score a 16-12 win in their favor.

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The History of Football at Dickinson College: 1885-1969 by Wilbur J. Gobrecht (1971)