Lyric Club Concert

Tue., Dec. 6, 1904

The Lyric Club, under the direction of John Craig King, performed in Bosler Hall. The vocalists were accompanied by a violinist, a cellist and, a pianist. In the first half of the program, they sang Donzetti's "Italia, Italia, Beloved", Weiss' "Horst du das Machtige Klingen", Grieg's "Einsamer Wanderer", Gibson's "A Summer's Lullaby" and "The Elfman", Haesche's "Cossack Folk Song" and "Hungarian Folk Song", Arditi's "Magnetic Waltz", Piccolimini's "Whisper and I Shall Hear", and Wood's "Come O'er the Sea". The second half of the program continued with Donzetti's "What from Vengeance", selections from Verdi's "La Taviata", Pache's "Standchen", Hall's "The Daffodils", Smart's "Down in the Dewy Dell", Nevin's "Mon Desir", Schumann's "Wanderlied", and Benedict's "The Wreath". 


1904 Lyric Club Concert Program