Students Create Mischief in Town

Mon., Dec. 1, 1856

At 11:oopm, a group of students put together a band and went about Carlisle playing on "tin-pans, bones, horns, flutes, &c. &c."  Student and involved party Horatio Collins King (Class of 1858) described playing outside some townspeople's houses, then continued, "Were chased from there— met again at the German Reform Church Corner, whence with loud music marched to Wilson, thence to Marshalls, thence to Johnsons, thence to Grammar School where we sang 'Dismal Swamp', when we quietly adjourned, highly pleased with our fun.  Intend organizing a band of 20, for general devilment, and unmitigated rascality."

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Journal of Horatio Collins King, Class of 1858