Students Hike to Boiling Springs

Sat., Jun. 23, 1855

A group of students and faculty including Jacob F. Stoek (Class of 1858, non-graduate), James E.D. Jester (Class of 1856), William Henry Effinger (Class of 1857), Professor William Carlile Wilson (tenure 1854-65), Tutor Benjamin Arbogast (tenure 1854-56), and Horatio Collins King (Class of 1858) hiked to neighboring Boiling Springs beginning at 10:00am.  King wrote later of the excursion in his journal: "We went to Churchtown, about 6 miles from here.  From thence to the mountain, about 3 1/2 miles.  Went in swimming in the "Yellow Breeches" (a creek).  From thence, we went to Ege's Ford.  There were several boiling springs."

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Journal of Horatio Collins King, Class of 1858