Cheerleading, 1923

The cheerleaders rile up the crowd at a football game in fall 1923.


The cheerleading team tosses one of its members into the air during a football game at Biddle field in fall 1995.

Clashing with the Opponent, 1992

A number of Dickinson football players clash with opponents from Muhlenberg during a home game, possibly in fall 1992.

Red Devil players in this photo include Steve Ostrowski #24, Todd Brown #48, Michael Sterner #52 (Class of 1993), Brian Ridgway #41 (Class of 1993), and Craig Rippole #44...

Class of 1913 Football team, 1910

The "Defeated" Class of 1913 football team after a game against the Class of 1914 on November 2, 1910.

Class of 1914 Football team, 1910

The "Victorious" Class of 1914 football team after a game against the Class of 1913 on November 2, 1910.

Coaching During Football Practice, c.1935

A coach instructs players during a football practice around 1935.

Conestoga Wagon, c.1990

The Conestoga Wagon, seen here in a circa 1990 photograph, is awarded to the winner of the annual football game between Franklin & Marshall College and Dickinson College. President A. Lee Fritschler and Director of Athletics Les Poolman hold the award.

Clarence E. Cook, 1929

Clarence E. Cook plays football and is a member of the Class of 1929.

Christopher Crook, 1928

Christopher Crook plays football and is a member of the Class of 1928.

Crowd at Homecoming Football game, 1996

View as the crowd watches the Homecoming football game at Biddle field against Franklin and Marshall in fall 1996. 

Defending the Runner, 1937

A live-action shot during the 1937 undefeated season.  A Dickinson player blocks an opponent from tackling the runner.

Damien DelDuca, 1982

Damien DelDuca (Class of 1985) poses for a photograph while wearing his football uniform in fall 1982. 

Dickinson Offense at Homecoming, 1970

Dickinson's offensive line attacks Lebanon Valley during the 1970 Homecoming game on September 26.

Dickinson vs. Albright, 1939

A live-action shot from a game between Dickinson and Albright in fall 1939.

Dickinson vs. Franklin and Marshall, c.1985

A photograph from a game between Dickinson and Franklin & Marshall around 1985.

Dickinson vs. Johns Hopkins, 1964

View of a Dickinson football game at Johns Hopkins in 1964.

Dickinson vs. Johns Hopkins, 1970

Dickinson players tackle a Johns Hopkins offender during a football game on November 14, 1970.

Dickinson vs. Juniata, 1953

A live-action shot from the Dickinson vs. Juniata football game in 1953.

Dickinson vs. Lebanon Valley, 1962

Reno DiOrio '63, #25, runs the ball during a football game against Lebanon Valley on October 27, 1962.

Dickinson vs. Lebanon Valley, 1980

Dickinson's Hal Hockfield runs the ball against Lebanon Valley's football team during a game in fall 1980.

Dickinson vs. PMC, 1963

A live-action shot of J. Dallas Winslow, #45, with the ball during the October 26, 1963 football game against Pennsylvania Military College, played on Parents Day of that year.

Dickinson vs. Ursinus, c.1940

A football game between Dickinson and Ursinus, circa 1940, played at Ursinus on Patterson Field.  The large sycamore tree in the endzone is a famous landmark of Ursinus.

Dickinson vs. Washington and Jefferson, 1953

A shot from the football game against Washington and Jefferson in 1953.

Dickinson vs. Western Maryland, 1952

View of the football game between Dickinson and Western Maryland on October 18, 1952.

Discussing Strategy, 1988

Football players discuss strategy during a 1988 game.


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