Homecoming crowd, 1951

The crowd at Biddle field watches as the ROTC band prepares for a performance during the Homecoming game against Johns Hopkins in November 1951.

Homecoming football game, 1982

John Parker #32 runs the ball during Dickinson's Homecoming game against Widener University on October 16, 1982.

Homecoming Football game, 1996

Football players compete in the Homecoming game against Franklin and Marshall in fall 1996.

Homecoming Football game, 1998

Crowds gather at Biddle field to watch the Homecoming football game in October 1998.

Homecoming game, 1993

View before the Homecoming football game at Biddle field in fall 1993.

Homecoming game, 1993

A Dickinson football player runs the ball during the Homecoming game in fall 1993

Homecoming game vs. Wilkes, 1958

The Dickinson football team faces players from Wilkes College during the Homecoming game at Biddle Field on November 8, 1958.

William Tilghman Hostetter, 1949

View of William Tilghman Hostetter (Class of 1952) in his football uniform in 1949.

John Roy Jackson, 1911

John Roy Jackson is a member of the Class of 1914.

Richard E. Johe, c.1954

Richard Edwin Johe is a member of the Class of 1954.

John West vs. Haverford, 1970

John West, #23, pushes through a Haverford defender during a football game on October 10, 1970.

Stephen W. Koblish Jr., 1947

Stephen Walter Koblish Jr., a member of the Class of 1950, in his football uniform in 1947.

Charles J. Kocevar, 1936

Charles J. Kocevar, a member of the Class of 1936, plays on the football team. 

Bernard J. Kotulak, 1939

Bernard J. Kotulak (Class of 1939) runs in his football uniform. 

Carl A. Larson, c.1935

View as Carl A. Larson (Class of 1937) throws a football around 1935.

Samuel Lichtenfeld, 1928

Samuel Lichtenfeld plays football and is a member of the Class of 1928.

Samuel Lichtenfeld, 1928

Samuel Lichtenfeld plays football and is a member of the Class of 1928.

Lon Haines with the Ball, 1969

Lon Haines, #26, takes a knee with the ball during a 1969 football game.

Looking On, 1972

Mark Lipstein, Thomas Beck, and Herman Wisdom (from left to right) sit on a bench looking over a 1972 football game.

Losing Possession, 1946

Dickinson loses possession of the ball in a 1946 game.

Mario Shannon Catches Pass, 1976

Mario Shannon #23 of the Red Devil football team catches a pass against Western Maryland at a game on Octber 30, 1976.

John D. Mathewson Jr., c.1950

View of John Donald Mathewson Jr. (Class of 1952) throwing a around 1950.

Millard Filmore Mecklem, 1948

Millard Filmore Mecklem, a member of the Class of 1949, in his football uniform. 

Gerald Lloyd Miller, 1951

Gerald Lloyd Miller, a member of the Class of 1951, in his football uniform. 

William Morgan, c.1940

William Morgan (Class of 1940) runs to catch a football.


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