Students at a Football game, 1926

View of students on the field between halves at a football game in fall 1926. Herman Lane Forman is with Harold Weigel, Wesley Ruffell, Daniel B. Cavalier, Theodore "Ted" Burke, Leo Dutko. All are members of the Class of 1930.

The text on the reverse side of the photograph reads: "...

Leonard Peter Supulski, 1942

View as Leonard Peter Supulski (Class of 1942) catches a football. 

Swamped on Scrimmage Line, c.1940

This photo, published with the same title in an issue of the Microcosm from the 1940s, is a football game against Gettysburg College.  Dickinson here is attempting to bring down the Gettysburg receiver, shown in the darker colored uniform in the center of the tackle.

Tackle, Football Team, 1905

A live-action shot of the football team during a tackle.  An early model car is seen in the background, and the players don uniforms adopted by the school in 1903.

Tackle, Football Team, 1937

Players from the undefeated 1937 football team practice tackling.

Team Huddle, c.1935

The football team is shown huddling during a practice around 1935.

Team Huddle, 1992

The 1992 football team huddles during a home game.

Samuel E. Templin, 1924

Samuel E. Templin, Class of 1924, gets ready to play football.

Tending to the Captain, 1971

Equipment Manager Frank Hambrook tends to Captain Glenn Boye, Class of 1972, during a 1971 football game.

The Offense Stands Tall, 1982

Dickinson's quarterback hurls the ball during the 1982 Homecoming Game versus Widener on October 16 of that year.

Three football players after a game, c.1996

Three members of the football team pose on Biddle field after a game.

Left to Right: Luke Harris ; Henry Lewandowski ; Chris Hughes

Two Football players, c.1994

Two football players smile for the camera.

Left to Right: Frank Fosko ; Steve Ostrowski

Two football players, c.1996

Luke Harris (left) and Chris DeVito, members of the varsity football team, pose on the field.

Two football players after a game, c.1996

Numbers 70 and 51 pose for a photo on Biddle Field after a game. Dickinson defeats the visiting team 42 to 13.

Undefeated Football Team, 1917

The football team went undefeated in 1917 during a season with five games.  They pose here with a banner displaying the year.

Undefeated Football Team, 1937

The football team of 1937, which went undefeated in 8 games and gave up a total of 19 points over all 8 games. 

First row: George W. Barnitz (Jr.), Frederick A. Fry, Leonard S. Kerber, Thomas S. McKee, John W. Ell, William H. Myers, Gerald L. Darr, W. Roberts Pedrick, Kenneth F....

View from the 40-Yard Line, 1949

A live-action shot from the 40-yard line during a Dickinson football game.

View from the Football Field, 1949

A live-action shot from a Dickinson football game, taken from the field's sideline.

William Richard Wasko, c.1945

View of William Richard Wasko (Class of 1946) in his football uniform.

Watching the Game, 1914

Spectators watch a football game in 1914.

Watching the Play, 1992

Coaches and players watch the play intently during a 1992 football game at Biddle field.

Kinzie Lamar Weimer, 1939

View as Kinzie Lamar Weimer (Class of 1939) runs with a football. 

Franklin Curtis Yoh, 1939

Franklin Curtis Yoh (Class of 1939) catches a football.

William Joseph Zapcic, 1949

View of William Joseph Zapcic (Class of 1951) in his football uniform around 1949. 

Jacob E. Zeigler, 1935

Jacob "Jake" E. Zeigler is a member of the Class of 1935.


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