Football Team, 1988

The 1986 football team poses for a team photo.

First row: Scott Houldsworth, Richard Gilbert, Kevin Reynolds, Eric Payne, Michael Monoghan, Thomas Hutchinson, Peter Mayock, Kenneth Peterson

Second row: Lawrence DeMarco, Lawrence...

Football Team, 1987

The 1987 football team takes their team photograph.

First row: James Brian, Eric Riso, William Sticka, David Webster, Christopher Henwood, Steven Esmond, Jeffrey Monzo, Patrick Hehir, Joseph David Devivo

Second row: Kenneth...

Football Team, 1988

The 1988 Red Devil Football Team poses for a picture at Biddle field. 

First row: George Nocito, Joseph David Devivo, Ronald Duska, Eric Riso, Keith Wilson, Kenneth Bowman, Frank Antico, Patrick Hehir, Jeffrey Monzo

Second row:...

Football Team, 1989

The 1989 football team poses for a picture.

First row: Cosmas Lykos, Lawrence Barone, Patrick Wilson, Kevin Nathan, Ryan Balderston, Joseph Trainer, Scott Schlett, Gerald McLaughlin, James Arch, Chrisian Westcott, James Murray


Football Team, 1990

The 1990 Red Devil football team takes a photograph.

First row: John Mackey, David Williamson, Matthew Guedes, Christopher Cerniglia, David Giordano, Thomas Wernersbach, Stephen Miholovich

Second row: John Paul Bernatavitz,...

Football Team, 1991

The football team of 1991 takes their team photo.  Team members are unidentified.

Football Team, 1994

The 1994 football team poses for a picture.  Team members are unidentified.

Football Team Captains, 1956

The team captains for the 1956 football team pose for a picture.

Left to right: Richard L. Graham, Robert E. Woodside, William Matthews

Football Team Co-Captains, 1978

The co-captains of the Dickinson College football team of 1978, John Maley #11 and Anthony Cugini #45, pose for a picture.

Football Team Coach and Co-Captains, 1975

Head Coach Wilbur J. Gobrecht (left) poses for a picture with the 1975 Red Devil Football Team Co-Captains, Gregory Alex and Craig Bornholm.

Football team gathers after a play, c.1990

The Dickinson football team gathers after a play on the field. One member bonds with a little kid dressed in the uniform and playing with the rest of the team.

Football Team Members, 1958

Some members from the 1958 football team pose for a picture.

Front row: Alexander T. Collins, Thomas J. DeMarino, Joseph F. Lipinski, James LaNave

Back row: Allan L. Fluke, Thomas L. Moore, Robert A. Worthington, Jan P. Skladany

Football Team, 1896

The varsity football team sits outside the entrance to Denny Hall in 1896.

Freshman Football Team, Class of 1894, 1890

The Freshman Football Team (Class of 1894) poses for a photograph in 1890.  Their record stood at 2 wins, 0 loses, and 1 tie.

First Row (Lying Down): Norman Landis (Capt.), William Alfred DeHaven (Mgr.).

Second Row (Sitting and Kneeling): Harry Brick Justice (HB...

Freshman Football Team, 1898

Members of the freshman football team pose for a group photograph in 1898. 

Middle row, far right: Dan R. Pefferson

Freshman Football Team, 1919

Members of the freshman football team pose for a picture on the athletic field located at the Carlisle Barracks in 1919.


Freshman Football Team, 1932

The freshman football team appears here wearing the uniforms of this era.

Friends at a football game, c.1993

Two friends smile during a football game at Biddle field.

Left to Right: Pamela Byron ('93) ; Katherine Volkmer ('93)

George Washington vs. Widener, 1977

George Washington of the Red Devil's football team shoots past Widener in a 1977 game.

Thomas Lewis Guest, 1949

Thomas Lewis Guest, a member of the Class of 1949, in his football uniform. 

Half-time, 1923

Cheerleaders form a "D" at half-time during the football game against Albright College in fall 1923.

Handing Over, 1995

A Dickinson quarterback hands over the ball to a runner during a 1995 football game.

Elmer Ellsworth Harter, 1927

Elmer Ellsworth Harter plays football and is a member of the Class of 1927.

Clarence B. Hendrickson, Jr 1938

Clarence B. Hendrickson Jr., a member of the Class of 1938, runs in his football uniform.

William Henry Hendrickson, 1939

William Henry Hendrickson (Class of 1939) runs with a football.


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