Thomas M. Eliason Jr., 1942

View of Thomas McIntire Eliason Jr. (Class of 1946) in his football uniform as a freshman in 1942.

Ends Back Formation, Football Team, 1900

The football team practices their ends back pass on the football field.

Engaging the stands, 1981

Cheerleaders toss toy footballs into the stands during a football game at Biddle field in fall 1981.

Evading Capture, c.1960

This live-action shot shows a Dickinson football player avoiding a tackle in a circa 1960s football game.

Fight Over Goal Post After Gettysburg-Dickinson Football Game, 1933

This fight between Dickinson and Gettysburg fans was one of many that occurred during and after the November 11, 1933, home football game.  Decided by a 35-yard field goal in the final moments of the game, the match-up between the two rivals ended in a loss for Dickinson.

First Football Team, 1897

The football team poses with Dick the Dog in 1897.

First row: Arthur M. Devall, Garrett B. Stevens, John Farr Boate, Lewis Peter Wingert, David Neil Houston, Raymond Newman Hockenberry, Charles Oscar Ford, Harry Cornman Lowther, J. Banks...

Football Team, 1902

The 1902 football team poses for a picture.

Football Coach Staff, 1973

The Dickinson College Football Coaching Staff of 1973 poses for a picture.

Front row: Harold Price (Offensive Back), Robert Averback (Defensive Back), Leon Fitts (Defensive Line)

Back row: Wilbur J. Gobrecht (Head Coach), Thomas Yost (Defensive Back), Frank...

Football from the Stands, 1971

A view of a 1971 football game as seen from the stands of Biddle Field.

Football Game, c.1915

A live-action shot of the Dickinson football team during a game around 1915.

Football game, 1946

View of a football game in 1946.

Football game, 1946

View of a football game in 1946.

Football game, 1946

View of a football game in 1946.

Football game, c.1993

Four friends from the Class of 1993 smile during a Dickinson football game at Biddle field.

Left to Right: Pamela Byron ; Katherine Volkmer ; Angela Arnold ; Liselotte Hommen

Football game, c.1993

Angela Arnold ('93) and Pamela Byron ('93) pose at Biddle field.

Football Game, Dickinson vs. Ursinus, 1948

A live action shot of Dickinson's football team playing at Ursinus College in fall 1948.

Football Huddle, 1984

Dickinson's Red Devil football team huddles during a game on Biddle field in 1984.

Football Huddle, 1986

A huddle of football players with Coach Dave Steckle in fall 1986.

Pat Wilson (Class of 1990) is #33.

Football in the Snow, 1963

Dickinson's football team is captured in this live action shot playing during a snowstorm in 1963.

Football player, c.1915

View of a football player around 1915.

Football Players, 1922

Members of Dickinson's football team in 1922.

First row: John L. "Jack" Pipa, Joseph G. Crowley, J. Paul Rupp, John S. "Fog" Smith

Second row: Robert G. "Bobby" Booke, Cornelius M. "Cornie" Dailey, Russell J. "Bull" Behman

Football Players, 1923

Some members of the 1923 football team pose on the field.

Left to Right: Harry B. Frew, Ellsworth S. Keller, Samuel E. Templin, James S. Roth, Henry T. McQuaide, Russell J. “Bull” Behman, Arthur G. Logan

Football players after ECAC South Bowl win, 1988

Football players Bob Snarrs, Scott Schlett, Mike Birosak, Winfield Smathers, and Larry Barone (all members of the class of 1990) after defeating Fordham to win the ECAC South Bowl in 1988.

Football practice, 1958

The Dickinson football team practices in fall 1958.

Football practice scrimmage, 1958

The Dickinson football team football team during a scrimmage at a practice in fall 1958.


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