Seibert, Donald R.

Football Team, 1957

The football team of 1957 poses for a picture.

First row: Robert E. Cook, Norman G. Berger, David A. Wachter, R. Scott Clements, John J. Quirk, Thomas L. Bauer, F. Lee Shipman, Thomas J. DeMarino, Joseph R. Miele, Charles R. Ream (Assistant Coach)

Second row:...

Golf Team, 1962

The Dickinson golf team poses for a photo on May 11, 1962.

Top Row: M. Richard Kaufmann '63, Coach D. Seibert, Andrew Rogers '65

Bottom Row: William Gale Reish '64, Craig Kerrick '63, Thomas Test '63, Charles Markley '64

Donald R. Seibert, 1963

Physical Educator and coach Donald Seibert on September 13, 1963.

Donald R. Seibert, c.1980

Donald Seibert, Physical Educator and Coach, relaxing on a bench on campus.

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