Punting the Ball, 1949

Dickinson's football team punt-kicks the ball to the opposing team in this 1949 live-action shot.

Receiving a Kick from Ursinus, 1933

View as Dickinson receivers chase a kicked ball during a game against Ursinus College in 1933.

This picture was also printed in the October 20, 1933 issue of The Dickinsonian.

Receiving the Pass, 1936

A live-action shot of a Dickinson football player receiving a pass during a game.  This image also appears in the 1937 edition of the Microcosm.

Douglas Charles Rehor, 1949

View as Douglas Charles Rehor (Class of 1948) throws a football. 

Richard Warden Runs the Ball, 1959

Richard "Dick" Warden runs the ball during a 1959 Dickinson football game.

James S. Roth, 1926

James Schminky Roth is a member of the Class of 1926.

Running Drills, c.1935

The football team is running drills in a practice around 1935.

Running the Ball, 1937

A live-action shot of a Dickinson football player running the ball during a game in the 1937 undefeated season.

Running the Ball vs. Widener, 1975

George Washington, Class of 1978, runs the ball against Widener's defense during a 1975 game.

Running the Option, 1987

Sean Maloney #14 runs the option at a game against Georgetown in 1987.

Running Through the Line, 1962

Richard "Dick" Warden, #24, runs through the defensive line during a 1962 football game, with Reno DiOrio, #25, right behind him.

Clarence Sylvester Shenk, 1939

View of Clarence Sylvester Shenk (Class of 1939) in his football uniform.

Robert Clayton Shenk, 1941

View as Robert Clayton Shenk (Class of 1941) runs with a football.

William Shields, 1926

William Shields is a member of the Class of 1926.

Peter Sivess, 1935

Peter "Pete" Sivess, a member of the Class of 1936, is on the football team at Dickinson. 

Leroy Slivinski, 1928

Leroy Slivinski, a football player, is a member of the Class of 1929.

George William Smith, 1949

View of George William Smith (Class of 1949) in his football uniform. 

John Churchman Smith, 1953

John Churchman Smith (Class of 1953) in his football uniform. 

Sophomore Football Players, 1980

The sophomore football players from the Class of 1983 during the 1980 season.

Sophomore Football Team, 1906

The sophomore football team pose for a group photograph in 1906.

Sophomore Football Team, 1910

The sophomore football team in 1910.  One member holds a football with "11-0" on it.

Star Football Players, 1946

Doug Rehor '48 and Vincent Schafmeister '49, star players on the 1946 football team, pose for a picture.

Starting Lineup, 1947

The starting lineup of the 1947 football team poses for a picture.

Front row: Vincent J. Schafmeiser, Harry B. Towe, W. Richard Thompson, Thomas P. Lacek, Thomas L. Guest, Joseph J. Nagy, Robert T. Keating

Middle: Paul L. Paxton

Back row: Steve...

Starting Lineup, 1952

A live-action shot of the starting lineup during a 1952 game.  The shot is taken near the opponent's 30 yard line.

George Stine, c.1935

George "Max" Stine is a member of the Class of 1938.


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