Bosler Hall Griffins Carvings, c.1886

View of the griffins carvings for Bosler Hall as that building was under construction around 1886.

East College, c.1880

View as men and women stand on the steps to East College around 1880.

Old West, c.1916

View of Old West around 1916.

The handwritten note on the reverse side reads: A new phase of art for the Kodaker. Stereoscopic view of Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pa successfully made by Robert Tempest, with a No. 3 Pocket Kodak (special) with Kodak Anastigmat lens f. 4. 5....

West College, c.1875

View of the west side of West College around 1875. The steps to East College are visible in the background.

West College, 1878

View of the east side of Old West in 1878.

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