Student-Faculty Interaction

Catherine Beaudry, 1994

View as French Professor Catherine Beaudry talks with students in 1994.

Biology fieldwork, 1991

Robin Turin '93 (right), under the guidance of Professor Janet Wright, uses a syringe on a woodchuck in April 1991.

Biology lab

Professor Anthony Pires (left) supervises two students performing a biology lab in March 1996.

Bologna program, 1997

Students Amy Miller, Ryan Sanders, and Peter Sanders (all class of 1998) meet Professor Clarissa Pagni in the Piazza Maggiore in Bologna, Italy.

Harry F. Booth, c.1975

Harry Booth, Professor of Religion, shares a light moment with students, around 1975.

William R. Bowden, c.1975

Professor William Bowden of the English department, on left, speaks with students, circa 1975.

Dorothy W. Bowers, c.1970

Librarian Dorothy Bowers speaks with students in Spahr Library around 1970.

Thomas M. Brennan, 1980

Professor of Biology Thomas Brennan helps a student on October 20, 1980.

David F. Brubaker, 1983

Professor of Dramatic Arts and Modern Dance David Brubaker speaks with Rebecca Frederick, Class of 1984.

Cellist and Teacher, c.1980

A student cellist receives a note from a teacher during a performance around 1980.

Chemistry professor and student, 1975

A chemistry professor observes an experiment with a student in 1975.

Chemistry research, 1958

Professor M. Benton Naff leads students in research using a hydrogenation apparatus in 1958.

Chemistry research project, 1960

Chemistry Professor M. Benton Naff supervises Fred Richardson ('61) and Bill Weigle ('62) as they work on a research project.

A contributor explains that this "photo was taken in the summer of 1960, when both Fred and Bill were working on a research project directed by Professor Naff and...

Dorothy H. Cieslicki, c.1975

Librarian Dorothy Cieslicki helps a student.

Marcia B. Conner, 1980

English professor Marcia Conner gives a student one-on-one help during spring 1980.

Alan Coutts, c.1960

Professor of Public Speaking and Dean of Men Alan Coutts speaks with students in the Holland Union Building Dining Hall around 1960.

Professor Crouch with student, 1996

Professor David Crouch confers with student Rachel Whitehead during an Integrated Lab session analyzing the effect of reagent size on product stereochemistry on March 12, 1996.

Barbara A. Diduk, 1993

Barbara Diduk, Professor of Fine Arts, on right, with a student at an Art Open House on September 7, 1993.

Discussing experimental results, c.1990

A chemistry professor discusses the results of an experiment with two students around 1990.

Bonnie B. Dowdy, c.1995

Psychology professor Bonnie Dowdy, on left, with Renee Torres, Class of 1997, center, and Karen Pohlman, Class of 1997, right, discussing a project titled "The Effect of Gender on Perceived Leadership Effectiveness."

Drawing, c.1960

Professor Pusey critiques as one of his students sketches a model around 1960.

Thomas L. Drucker, c.1990

Mathematics professor Thomas Drucker, on right, sorts through paperwork with Laura Croghan, Class of 1992.

Edward P. Duggan, c.1975

Professor Edward Duggan of Geology helps a student in his office, around 1975.

John R. Eaken, 1993

Music professor John Eaken, in white shirt in center, plays his violin with other musicians in spring of 1993.

Economics professors with student, 1996

A student converses with Economics Professors Bill Bellinger (left) and Sinan Koont (right) in an office in May 1996.


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