Student-Faculty Interaction

Education majors meeting, 1996

Education majors eat pizza at a weekly informal meeting on March 15, 1996. 

Center: Professor Cheri Quinn

Electron microscope, 1988

Professor Richard M. Lane and a student use an electron microscope in January 1988.

Experimental results, 1994

Professor Mike Roberts and two students examine experimental results on a gel in 1994.

Freshman picnic, 1992

Students talk with their Freshman Seminar professor at the freshman picnic on Morgan Field on August 30, 1992.

Freshman picnic, 1992

A professor, most likely a freshman seminar faculty, talks to a student during the freshmen picnic on Morgan field on August 30, 1992.

Clarke W. Garrett, 1994

Clarke Garrett, History professor, with a student on August 31, 1994.

Warren J. Gates, 1979

Professor of History Warren Gates in his office with a student in the fall of 1979.

Geology lab, 1991

Professor Marcus Key examines a rock specimen with students during a geology lab on November 5, 1991.

Amy L. Gingsburg, c.1995

Dramatic Arts professor Amy Gingsburg demonstrates something to a student, circa 1995.

Frank R. Hartman, c.1965

Professor of Psychology Frank Hartman speaking with a student.

John S. Henderson, 1984

French professor John Henderson with student Brian John Fish '86 in July 1984.

Henry L. Yeagley, 1963

Professor Henry L. Yeagley and a student use a constellation model in 1963.

John G. Henson, c.1995

Lauren Dobak (Class of 1999), on left, and Biology professor John Henson, second from left, explain a biology project to prospective student Heather Frost (Class of 2002), second from right, and her mother Lisa, far right.

Ann M. Hill, 1996

Anthropology professor Ann Hill, in the black scarf, speaking with students over lunch on April 2, 1996.

Scott T. Hill, 1984

Chemistry professor Scott Hill works with a student in a laboratory in 1984.

Sharon L. Hirsh, 1988

Fine Arts professor Sharon Hirsh speaking with students on November 21, 1988.

History club meeting, c.1940

The history club meets with its advisor Professor Whitfield Bell (center, back) around 1940. Professor Bell is a member of the class of 1935.

Harry D. Krebs, 1988

Comparative Civilizations professor Harry Krebs speaks with a student at his department table at the Academic Open House on August 30, 1988.

Richard M. Lane, 1982

Biology professor Richard Lane working on the blackboard with a student in 1982.

Howard C. Long, c.1960

Professor of Physics and Astronomy Howard Long assisting students with machines, circa 1960.

Prof. John Luetzelschwab with students, c.1970

Professor John Luetzelschwab (right) assists students Howard C. Long, Jr., '71, (left) and Donald M. Thomas, '70, (center) performing a physics lab exercise.

John W. Luetzelschwab, 1982

John Luetzelschwab, on right, speaks with a student in 1982.

John W. Luetzelschwab, 1991

Physics professor John Luetzelschwab smiles over a project with Stephanie Ellis, Class of 1992, on March 20, 1991.

Lonna M. Malmsheimer, 1987

American Studies professor Lonna Malmsheimer, on right, speaking with a student in her office on April 12, 1987.

Mathers Theater plans, 1963

View of Professor David Burbacker and students reviewing the plans for the future Mathers Theatre in the Holland Union Building. The project would be completed in 1966.

Left to Right: Carole Birch, Burnie Wilcox, Gay Flory, Professor Burbacker


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