Student-Faculty Interaction

Professor Herbert Wing's class, c.1960

Professor Herbert Wing Jr. (seated) teaches students about Ancient Greece circa 1960.

Professor Wronski with students in Norwich, 1995

Professor Todd Wronski walks through Norwich with a group of students in October 1995.

David A. Robertson, 1988

Professor of Fine Arts and Gallery Director, David Robertson, center, speaks with a student at an Academic Open House on August 30, 1988.

Professor Roper's office, c.1980

Two students consult on an assignment in Professor Gerald Roper's office circa 1980.

S. Ned Rosenbaum, 1995

Ned Rosenbaum, professor of Religion, perches on a desk while speaking with two students on May 1, 1995.

Ellen Rosenman, c.1985

English professor Ellen Rosenman, far left, with others at the Women's Center, circa 1985.

Herbert Royce, 1963

Modern Languages professor Herbert Royce with an independent student group in the winter of 1963.

Pictured l to r: Richard Litvin '67, John McDowell '64, Lewis Oppenheimer '66, James Carl '64, Professor Heber Harper, Professor Herbert Royce, Richard Baldauf '65, John Nichols '65...

Cindy Samet, 1995

Chemistry professor Cindy Samet ('83) working with a student on October 2, 1995.

Richard M. Sheeley, 1983

Chemistry professor Richard Sheeley speaking with a student in a chemistry laboratory in 1983.

Robert D. Sider, 1981

Classical Languages professor Robert Sider, on right, laughs while talking to a student in 1981.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon party, c.1900

Members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon at a party with their dates around 1900. 

Man seated on right, first row: Beuson Hardesty ('01)

Woman standing on left, third row: Ethlyn Hardesty ('02)

James A. Skelton, c.1985

Psychology Professor James A. Skelton meets with a student around 1985.

James A. Skelton, 1992

Psychology professor James Skelton sports a New York Yankees baseball helmet while helping students with registration during an Academic Open House on September 3, 1992.

Kenneth S. Slaysman, 1984

Economics professor Ken Slaysman speaks with students in a classroom in 1984.

Ralph L. Slotten, c.1980

Professor of Religion Ralph Slotten, on left, speaking with a student around 1980.

Spanish Club, 1986

Members of the Spanish Club learn a dance in October 1986.

David G. Strand, 1992

Professor of Political Science and East Asian Studies David Strand meets with a student.

Carl A. Strang, c.1980

Professor of Biology Carl Strang standing in classroom and talking to students.

Students talk with Professor Pagni, 1996

Professor Clarissa Pagni, on the bike, stands and talk near the Neptune fountain in the Piazza Maggiore in Bologna.

Barry A. Tesman, 1990

Professor of Mathematics Barry Tesman sits on a desk in the computer lab and talks with a student.

Barry A. Tesman, 1990

Professor of Mathematics Barry Tesman standing by computer in lab, talking with student.

Three students and Professor Wronski in Norwich, 1995

Three students and Professor Todd Wronski, second from right, in Norwich during a walking tour in October 1995.

Unidentified Fraternity, c.1955

View as Librarian Charles Coleman Sellers gives an informal lecture on painting after dinner at a fraternity house around 1955.

William W. Vernon, c.1960

Professor of Geology, Chemistry, and Anthropology William W. Vernon working with a student by a microscope.

Professor Ernest Vuilleumier with student, c.1955

Professor Ernest A. Vuilleumier supervises a student using a chemistry apparatus circa 1955.


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