Pfister, Hans

Academic Open House, 1995

Student talks Physics & Astronomy professors during the Academic Open House, held in the Social Hall, on August 27, 1995. 

Seated facing students, left to right: [unknown] ; Professor Hans Pfister ; Professor Robert Boyle

First-year seminar builds house, 1995

Professor Hans Pfister's first-year seminar builds a model house on November 15, 1995.  (Prof. Pfister is standing inside the structure)

Priestley Award recipient Leon Lederman, 1996

Dr. Leon M. Lederman (left), the recipient of the Priestley Award, speaks with Christopher Wilhelm '97 (center) and Professor Hans Pfister in October 1996.

Hans Pfister, c.1995

Christine Healy, one of several Carlisle School Distric Academically Challenging Topics students, learns about Dickinson's innovative Workshop Physics program atop a pull cart operated by Dickinson Physics and Astronomy professor Hans Pfister.

Physics lab, 1992

Professor Hans Pfister and students work on a robot intended to control an instrument inside a plasma chamber on July 22, 1992.

Left to right: Grant Braught ('90), Hans Pfister, Jeremy Wachtel, Olga Philipova

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