Student-Faculty Interaction

Mermaid Players, "Another Antigone," 1994

Actors in the Mermaid Players' production of Another Antigone in summer 1994.

Left to Right: Prof. Todd Wronski ; Joshua Clapper ; Kelly Beachell

Mermaid Players, "The Way of the World," 1984

Drama Professor David Brubaker (center) stands with Kate (Kathy) Childress and Rebecca Frederick (right) on the set of the Mermaid Player's production of The Way of the World in April 1984.

Mermaid Players, "The Way of the World," 1984

Drama Professor David Brubaker (left) with a student on the set of the Mermaid Player's production of The Way of the World in April 1984.


Professor John Henson supervises two students performing microscopy work around 1990.

Music lesson, 1996

Professor Truman Bullard instructs students on how a piece should sound on December 5, 1996.

Left to right: Erik Michael ('98); Bob Ekey ('99); John Newton ('99, seated); Professor Truman Bullard; Rebecca Leyon

Professor Roger Nelson and student, c.1955

Professor of mathematics Roger E. Nelson smokes a pipe while tutoring a student around 1955.

B. Ashton Nichols, 1989

Professor Ash Nichols of the English department, on right, speaks with a member of the class of 1993 at the Academic Open House on August 31, 1989.

Jeffrey W. Niemitz, c.1980

Geology professor Jeff Niemitz, on right, speaks with a student during an Academic Open House, circa 1980.

Norwich program visit to the Royal Arcade, 1995

Students on the Norwich Program gather around Professor Todd A. Wronski while visiting the "Royal Arcade" in October 1995. The Arcade is located in the center of the city, and is one of Norwich's many shopping venues.

Observing an experiment, 1985

A student and her chemistry professor observe the color of her reaction in a lab exercise in September 1985.

Ruth Ohayon, 1984

French professor Ruth Ohayon, on left, speaks with student Jennifer Jones, Class of 1985, while walking on campus in July 1984.

Painting advice, 1996

Painting instructor Sara Frankel advises student Carrie Bergman on her painting in October 1996.

Painting instruction

Painting instructor Sara Frankel critiques student Todd Arsenault's work in October 1996.

E. Robert Paul, 1980

Computer Science professor Robert Paul, in center back, helps two students at a computer on December 11, 1980.

N. Ronald Pease, 1965

Dean of Men Ronald Pease, on left, with students in September 1965.

Scott W. Peterson, 1989

Geology professor Scott Peterson, on right, speaks with a student at the Academic Open House on August 31, 1989.

Physics Club, 1990

Professor Priscilla Laws with two students in the Physics Club in 1990.

Physics lab, 1992

Professor Hans Pfister and students work on a robot intended to control an instrument inside a plasma chamber on July 22, 1992.

Left to right: Grant Braught ('90), Hans Pfister, Jeremy Wachtel, Olga Philipova

Physics professors and student with science equipment, 1979

Professor John Luetzelschwab, Professor Priscilla Laws, and an unidentified student work with scientific equipment on April 3, 1979.

Harold L. Pohlman, 1990

Political Science professor Harry Pohlman, seated, speaks with a student at an Academic Open House on August 28, 1990.

J. Forrest Posey, Jr., 1987

Music professor Forrest Posey, in center, speaks with two students in 1987.

Professor Noel Potter with student, c.1980

Professor Noel Potter, Jr. (left) examines a rock with student while on a geology field trip to a quarry around 1980.

Noel Potter, Jr., c.1990

Geology professor Noel Potter, in hat, examines an outcrop with Steve Lev (Class of 1992), standing behind, and Laura Pezzoli (student visiting from Bologna, Italy).

Robert Pound, c.1990

Music professor Robert Pound speaking with a student, circa 1990.

President's Reception, 1995

Professors Johana Tessman and Robert P. Winston talk to students and their families at the President's reception during move-in day on August 25, 1995. This event, which provides students the opportunity to meet their freshman seminar instructors and academic advisers, takes place in the...


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