Haverstick Longsdorff, Lydia

Lydia Haverstick Longsdorff, c.1860

Tintype portrait of Lydia Haverstick, Zatae Longsdorff's mother, from around 1860.

Zatae Longsdorff with parents and husband, c.1900

View of Zatae Longsdorff Straw (Class of 1887) with her husband Amos Gale Straw and her parents William Longsdorff (Class of 1856) and Lydia Longsdorff.

Zatae Longsdorff with daughters and mother, c.1905

View of Zatae Longsdorff Straw (Class of 1887), her daughters Enid and Zatae Gale, and her mother Lydia Longsdorff. 

Left to Right: Enid ; Lydia ; Zatae Gale ; Zatae

Victory Parade, 1918

The Straw family at a victory parade in Manchester, New Hampshire after World War I in November 1918.

Left to Right: Zatae Gale Straw ; Lydia Haverstick Longsdorff ; Enid Straw Chamberlin ; Gertrude M. Grey ; Carlo the dog ; Wayne C. Straw ; Zatae Longsdorff Straw

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