Football Team, 1927

Football Team, 1927

Members of the 1927 football team take a posed team picture.

First row: Herbert H. Snell, Arthur Markowitz, Christopher P. Crook, Victor F. Baiz, Fred E. Sweeley, Vincent S. Hayes, Samuel Lichtenfeld, John E. Barger, Thomas Murray

Second row: John Yarmov, John W. McConnell, John E. Cotsack, William C. Schultz (Jr.), Clarence E. Cook, W. LeRoy Slivinske, Frank B. Geibel, Louis G. Fetterman, Carl Covalt Chambers, Lee M. Bowes

Third row: Edgar J. Kohnstamm, W. Vernon Middleton, Edward Hoberman, [unknown], [unknown], Lynn H. Corson, John Metrinko, Lewis H. Rohrbaugh, William F. Graden

Fourth row: Vincent S. Paczkoskie, Donald C. Cole, Raymond A. Hartshorn, William D. Angle, Hiram E. Pursley, Raymond T. Mentzer, Henry E. Harner, George C. Patterson

Fifth row: Frank Grube (Assistant Coach), R. Wallace White (Assistant Manager), Thomas C. Graham (Assistant Manager), Richard V. Zug (Manager), Samuel W. Witwer (Assistant Manager), J. Watson Pedlow (Assistant Manager), Robert C. Duffy (Head Coach)

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