Football Team, 1935

Football Team, 1935

The football team of 1935 poses for a group photograph.

First row from left to right: Carl Larson, Jack Frederick, Charles Thrush, Chet. Gains, Bill Ackerman, George Shuman, Charles Kocevar, and Paul Kiehl

Second row from left to right: Jim Taylor, Bob Grainger, Clarence B. Hendrickson, Herman Asin, Ray Lowery, David Weimer, Harold Binder, and Carl Binder

Third row from left to right: William Kurtzhalz, William Oberdick, Ray Shore, Klein Merryman, Vance Smith, Harold Adams, and Pete Sivess

Fourth row from left to right: Dick Radley, Richard MacAndrews, A. D. Kahler, and John Clark

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