Organizational Records

Lily White and Company Annual Report - 1990

Annual Report of Lily White & Company for 1990. 

Lily White & Company Membership Policy - May 11, 1992
May 11, 1992

This document takes a closer look at the Membership Policy of Lily White & Company separate from the Company By-Laws. 

Lily White & Company Production Checklists - 1992

Production checklists for Lily White & Company production planning. 

Lily White and Company Annual Calendar - 1992-1993
1992 to 1993

Annual calender for Lily White & Company from August 1992 to August 1993.

Lily White & Company Policies - 1993

This document provides a summary of Financial Guidelines, Disbursement of Charitable Donations, and Costume Rental policies for Lily White & Company. 

Lily White & Company Secretary Position Description - 1993 to 1994

Job description for the Secretary position in Lily White & Company. 

Lily White & Company Ways and Means Committee Calendar Proposal - 1993 to 1994
1993 to 1994

Proposal by Ways and Means Committee regarding the costs of creating Lily White & Company Calendars, and suggestions on where and when to sell them. 

Lily White & Company By-Laws, Revisions - January 7, 1993
January 7, 1993

These are the revision made to the Lily White & Company By-Laws for Articles IV through X.

Lily White and Company Membership Policy - August 31, 1993
August 31, 1993

Lily White & Company Membership Policy explaining requirements and expectations for becoming a member of the company. 

Lily White and Company Long Range Calendar - December 1993 to January 1996
December 1993 to January 1996

Long Range Calendar for Lily White & Company planning performances from December 1993 to January 1996.

Lily White & Company Long Range Calendar - 1993 to 1996
1993 to 1996

Long Range Calendar for performances by Lily White & Company. 

Lily White & Company Recording and Correspondence Secretary Job Description - circa 1994
circa 1994

Job description for the Recording and Correspondence Secretary position for Lily White & Company. 

Lily White and Company Annual Report - January 13, 1994
January 13, 1994

Lily White and Company 1994 Annural Report. Information includes:

- 1993 Board of Directors
- President's Report
- 1992 to 1993 Fiscal Report
- Managing Director's Report
- Organizational History on page 3 and 12

Lily White & Company and Harrisburg Men's Chorus Calendar - 1994

Proposal to create a calendar featuring Lily White & Company and the Harrisburg Men's Chorus. 

Lily White & Company Employment Outreach - circa 1995
circa 1995

Job descriptions for Artistic Director, Managing Director, President, Technical Assistant, and Stage Manager positions in Lily White & Company.

Lily White & Company Organizational Chart - 1995

Organizational Chart of membership, specifically Board of Directors, for Lily White & Company. 

Lily White & Company Calendar Survey - July 1995

The Calendar Survey was a questionnaire created by Paul Foltz to gather feedback from the company members about what “they want to do or see the company do” in the upcoming calendar year. This PDF includes the announcement, a blank copy of the...

Lily White Dance Marathon Meeting Agenda - September 20, 1995
September 20, 1995

Meeting agenda for the Dance Marathon hosted by Lily White and Company. Includes Lily White and Comapany mission statement, 1995-1997 performance calendar, and agenda notes for the Dance Marathon.

Lily White & Company Administrative Calendar - 1996

This calendar was created by Lily White & Company to document administrative meetings in 1996 of the organization.

LGBT History Project Logo
July 29, 2017

Robert Sevensky was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania in 1948. Despite having an unpleasant experience in early education and having financial issues, Robert persevered and ended up pursuing an academic career in college. After two years at the...

Membership Application (Dignity/Central PA) - undated

Membership Application for Dignity/Central PA.

History of the Lavender Letter - undated

Created by Lorraine Kujawa, Cindy Mitzel, Mary Nancarrow, and several others in 1983, the Lavender Letter Newsletter was a calendar of events for, by, and about lesbian women to create community in the Central Pennsylvania area...

Collection: LGBT-009 - Lavender Letter



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