LGBT History Project: LGBT-080 Peg & Delma Welch Collection

LGBT History Project: LGBT-080 Peg & Delma Welch Collection
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1989 - 2013

Peg (Stoppard) Welch was born in December 1951 near Chester County, Pennsylvania. Peg was a young mother of two and worked at various jobs until joining Parents Without Partners where she met her second husband, Phil. With his help, Peg was able to graduate from Millersville University with a degree in social work, and later worked at Big Brothers Big Sisters, the United Way, the YWCA, and Planned Parenthood. At the YWCA, Peg met her future wife, Delma Welch. Peg was an active member in York Area Lambda, helped to establish the Lesbian Alliance, and was involved in activism to get LGBT ordinances passed with the York City Human Relations Commission.

Delma Welch was born in Washington D.C. and grew up in Cardiff, Maryland. Delma began going to National Organization for Women (NOW) meetings in 1975 after becoming interested in feminism. After being in a relationship with a man for 23 years, she met her future wife, Peg (Stoppard) Welch, at the YWCA. Today, Peg and Delma live in York, PA.

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LGBT-080 Peg & Delma Welch Collection
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