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Letter from Cyril Taylor to Teachers
November 1964

American Institute for Foreign Study Director of Programs Cyril J. H. Taylor writes to teachers about the organization's Summer School Program. While "all of our places at Tours and La Rochelle... have been filled," Taylor explains that "we are...

Why Should Study Abroad Personnel Join NAFSA? (National Association of Foreign Student Advisers)

This document encourages study abroad representatives to join the National Association of Foreign Student Advisers' (NAFSA) Committee U.S. Students Abroad. Members of the committee are able to participate in conferences and workshops, receive...

Collection: Jon V.C. Booth Papers

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Why Join SECUSSA? (Section on Education of US Students Abroad)

"SECUSSA is the section of NAFSA committed to developing and improving the competence of students abroad advisers". As the newest section of the National Association of  Foreign Students Advisers (NAFSA), the Section on US Students Abroad (...

Collection: Jon V.C. Booth Papers

Format: Miscellaneous

"How to Read Study Abroad Literature," by Lily von Klemperer
December 1974

Lily von Klemperer explains how to interpret vague - or purposefully misleading - language sometimes found on advertisements and brochures.

"Language Teaching in the Foreign Setting," by David Kaufman
May 1976

This resource paper for the Section on US Student's Abroad (SECUSSA) Professional Day discusses challenges associated with learning a language in a foreign place. The author of the paper also offers advice for scheduling, structuring, and pacing...

Letter from Hugh Jenkins to Mary Ann Spreckelmeyer
January 19, 1977

A proposal by the National Association for Foreign Student Affairs (NAFSA) to the US Department asking for a $15,000 grant to "improve services offered to US students seeking opportunities abroad". The proposal is 5 pages long and contains a...

Collection: Jon V.C. Booth Papers

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Qualifications for Employment in Study Abroad
November 1977

This National Association of Foreign Student Advisers (NAFSA) memo outlines the necessary qualifications for study abroad personnel or those wishing to pursue a career in study abroad counseling, advising, or within the private sector. 

Educating for the World View

Educating for the World View is a special report created by the Council on Learning. It contains articles with varying subjects, such as "What Students Know About Their World", "Forward to Basics", and "The New Curricular Equation". 

Collection: Jon V.C. Booth Papers

Format: Miscellaneous

The School for International Training at The Experiment for International Living, c.1980
circa 1980

The Experiment's School for International Training in Brattleboro, Vermont.  It is here that both Incoming and Outbound program participants are trained for their experiences abroad.

"Guide to On-Site Evaluation of Undergraduate Study-Abroad Programs," by Ronald Stutzman

"Guide to On-Site Evaluation of Undergraduate Study-Abroad Programs," by Ronald Stutzman is a "step-by-step resource tool for planning, carrying out,  and reporting evaluations of programs". The booklet contains guidelines for assessing...

39th Council of International Educational Exchange (CIEE) National Conference in Washington D.C. Summary Report
November 1986

The summary report of the 39th national conference of CIEE. It contains a list of the major topics dicussed at the conference such as the improvement of foreign language classes in the United States, improvement of the flow of information...

"What We Can't Say Can Hurt Us"

The American Council on Education issues this policy statement, What We Can't Say Can Hurt Us: A Call for Foreign Language Competence by the Year 2000, in 1989.  It calls on higher education institutions to incorporate language...

SECUSSA Statement on AIDS and International Education Issues
Janurary 1989

SECUSSA released this revised statement in January 1898 about the possibility of contracting AIDS while studying abroad. The statement includes suggested criteria about how to improve student awareness as well as prevention techniques.

Staying Healthy While Studying Abroad
May 1992

"Staying Healthy While Studying Abroad" is a pamphet created by the American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS) for study abroad advisers to reference when preparing students for studying abroad. The topics that the pamphlet covers include...

Council on International Educational Exchange Update Newsletter March 1994
March 1994

The Council on International Educational Exchange's (CIEE) "Update" Newsletter for March 1994 contains articles about the 1994 CIEE national conference in Vancouver, an interview of the Chair of CIEE's Board of Directors, and other CIEE news. 

Collection: Jon V.C. Booth Papers

Format: Miscellaneous

NAFSA Educators Resource Guide (1995)

A NAFSA: Association of International Educators Resource Guide from the 1995 National Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana.  This guide was designed to accompany the NAFSA Workshop "Study Abroad 201 - Developing and Managing Study Abroad Policies...

"Collaboration in Crisis Management: Know Your Parachute!"
June 1, 2000

This packet was distributed at the NAFSA 52nd Annual Conference that took place on June 1, 2000 in San Diego, C.A.  "Collaboration in Crisis Management: Know Your Parachute!" covers logistical procedures for crisis management in study abroad...

U.S. - India Higher Education Summit
October 13, 2011

The agenda for the U.S. - India Higher Education Summit that took place at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. on October 13, 2011.  The summit was aimed to promote study abroad program development between the United States and India.

Collection: Brian Whalen Papers

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Letter from Carmen Aponte to Brian Whalen
April 16, 2012

Carmen G. Aponte, Regional Liaison Officer for the U.S. Department of State, writes to Dr. Brian Joseph Whalen about his grant to lecture on "Standards of Good Practice in Study Abroad" in Brazil.  

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