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European Adventure Pack

This article by Reed Alvord for Reader's Digest discusses an incident in which 3,500 students studying abroad were left stranded throughout Europe after "the sudden bankruptcy of a flimsily structured study-tour agency". The article...

Guidelines on Developing Campus Services for Students Going Abroad
May 1973

"Guidelines" is a resource for colleges and universities to further develop their service offices for study abroad.  The Student Advisory Committee of the Council on International Educational Exchange, which developed this resource, released a...

Check List of Questions for Evaluating Programs Abroad

A check list prepared by the Section on US Students abroad (SECUSSA) for students to evaluate the legitimacy of a study abroad program and to assess if it is the right program for their academic interests and needs. It includes information about...

Collection: Jon V.C. Booth Papers

Format: Miscellaneous

"How to Read Study Abroad Literature," by Lily Von Klemperer
April 1976

A hand out prepared by Lily Von Klemperer that teaches students how to read and assess advertisements for study abroad programs. It contains a list of warning signs that an agency might be illegitimate and items to look for that would indicate...

Collection: Jon V.C. Booth Papers

Format: Miscellaneous

European Adventure Pack

The University of Minnesota provides students with ideas and inspirations for their travel abroad experience in "European Adventure Pack". This booklet contains advice and information about preparing for travel and study abroad, transportation in...

Students Abroad: A Guide for Selecting a Foreign Education
February 1979

The National Association of Foreign Student Affairs (NAFSA) uses "Students Abroad: A Guide for Selecting a Foreign Education"  to provide students with basic information about evaluating and choosing a study abroad program. The pamphlet covers...

Press Release about Health Insurance Plan from William L. Gertz Co.
May 11, 1981

A May 1981 press release from the William L. Gertz Company for International Underwriters/Brokers, Inc. that describes a "Unique Health Insurance Plan Offered to Overseas Travelers."

39th Council of International Educational Exchange (CIEE) National Conference in Washington D.C. Summary Report
November 1986

The summary report of the 39th national conference of CIEE. It contains a list of the major topics dicussed at the conference such as the improvement of foreign language classes in the United States, improvement of the flow of information...

SECUSSA Statement on AIDS and International Education Issues
Janurary 1989

SECUSSA released this revised statement in January 1898 about the possibility of contracting AIDS while studying abroad. The statement includes suggested criteria about how to improve student awareness as well as prevention techniques.

Orienting Minority Students for an Overseas Experience
November 8, 1990

A list of discussion questions created for the 43rd International Conference on Educational Exchange held by the Council on International Educational Exchange pertaining to the inclusion and/or participation of minority students in study abroad...

Collection: Jon V.C. Booth Papers

Format: Miscellaneous

Memo from Jane Cary on Terrorist Threats in Italy
November 14, 1990

Jane Cary, the Region XI SECUSSA Rep, sends this memo in November 1990 about terrorist threats in Florence, Italy. An Italian revolutionary group threatens to "strike heavily" against American interests in Italy in response to escalation in the...

NAFSA Gulf Crisis Alert
January 23, 1991

The NAFSA: Association of International Educators issued this Gulf Crisis Alert on January 23, 1991.  It advises NAFSA members about procedure and communication for the safety of American students abroad.

Staying Healthy While Studying Abroad
May 1992

"Staying Healthy While Studying Abroad" is a pamphet created by the American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS) for study abroad advisers to reference when preparing students for studying abroad. The topics that the pamphlet covers include...

NAFSA Educators Resource Guide (1995)

A NAFSA: Association of International Educators Resource Guide from the 1995 National Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana.  This guide was designed to accompany the NAFSA Workshop "Study Abroad 201 - Developing and Managing Study Abroad Policies...

National Association of Foreign Study Adviser (NAFSA)/AT&T Travel Tips

The National Association of Foreign Study Advisers (NAFSA) and AT&T provide students with tips and information about traveling and studying abroad in this pamhplet. It dicusses topics such as health and medical issues, communication with...

Basic Facts on Study Abroad in the 21st Century

In this pamphlet The National Association of Foreign Student Advisers (NAFSA) provides information about choosing and participating in a study abroad program in the 21st century. Some topics covered in the pamphlet include making goals for...

International Educator Magazine
Summer 1999

The International Educator magazine published by NAFSA: Association of International Educators for summer 1999 contains various articles related to study abroad topics like political crisis in foreign countries,  the issue of suicide among...

"Collaboration in Crisis Management: Know Your Parachute!"
June 1, 2000

This packet was distributed at the NAFSA 52nd Annual Conference that took place on June 1, 2000 in San Diego, C.A.  "Collaboration in Crisis Management: Know Your Parachute!" covers logistical procedures for crisis management in study abroad...

"The Exchange Student Survival Kit," by Bettina Hansel

The Exchange Student Survival Kit by Bettina Hansel is a guide for high school exchange students and college study abroad students participating in a home stay.

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