Standards of Good Practice

Letter from Cyril Taylor to Teachers
November 1964

American Institute for Foreign Study Director of Programs Cyril J. H. Taylor writes to teachers about the organization's Summer School Program. While "all of our places at Tours and La Rochelle... have been filled," Taylor explains that "we are...

European Adventure Pack

This article by Reed Alvord for Reader's Digest discusses an incident in which 3,500 students studying abroad were left stranded throughout Europe after "the sudden bankruptcy of a flimsily structured study-tour agency". The article...

Guidelines on Developing Campus Services for Students Going Abroad
May 1973

"Guidelines" is a resource for colleges and universities to further develop their service offices for study abroad.  The Student Advisory Committee of the Council on International Educational Exchange, which developed this resource, released a...

Check List of Questions for Evaluating Programs Abroad

A check list prepared by the Section on US Students abroad (SECUSSA) for students to evaluate the legitimacy of a study abroad program and to assess if it is the right program for their academic interests and needs. It includes information about...

Collection: Jon V.C. Booth Papers

Format: Miscellaneous

"How to Read Study Abroad Literature," by Lily von Klemperer
December 1974

Lily von Klemperer explains how to interpret vague - or purposefully misleading - language sometimes found on advertisements and brochures.

"How to Read Study Abroad Literature," by Lily Von Klemperer
April 1976

A hand out prepared by Lily Von Klemperer that teaches students how to read and assess advertisements for study abroad programs. It contains a list of warning signs that an agency might be illegitimate and items to look for that would indicate...

Collection: Jon V.C. Booth Papers

Format: Miscellaneous

Ten Tips for Including African-Americans in Study Abroad Programs

A list of tips for recruiting African-American students for study abroad programs and how to make these programs more accessbile to a diverse student population.

Collection: Jon V.C. Booth Papers

Format: Miscellaneous

What We Don't Know Can Hurt Us: The Shortfall in International Competence

A report from the Commission on International Education of the American Council on Education that discusses "the decline in support for international education [and] contrasts it with examples of growing needs for national competence in economic...

Letter from Lily Von Klemperer to Marvin Slind
November 17, 1984

Lily von Klemperer thanks Marvin Slind for for his efforts and praises the success of the 1984 NAFSA National Conference. Lily von Klemperer, who delivered the keynote address at the conference, also wrote Slind other letters as she prepared the...

"America's Crisis in International Competence: Our Nation's Failure to Educate Students for the Future"
circa 1985

A booklet of "statistics and anecdotes" about the lack of international education among American students and why the American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS) considers this to be a crisis for the future of international business and politics...

"Guide to On-Site Evaluation of Undergraduate Study-Abroad Programs," by Ronald Stutzman

"Guide to On-Site Evaluation of Undergraduate Study-Abroad Programs," by Ronald Stutzman is a "step-by-step resource tool for planning, carrying out,  and reporting evaluations of programs". The booklet contains guidelines for assessing...

The NAFSA Ethics Program

The Code of Ethics and Principles for International Educational Exchange for NAFSA: Association of International Educators.

Staying Healthy While Studying Abroad
May 1992

"Staying Healthy While Studying Abroad" is a pamphet created by the American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS) for study abroad advisers to reference when preparing students for studying abroad. The topics that the pamphlet covers include...

University of Pennsylvania Office of International Programs - Annual Report (2002-2003)

A reflection on the status of the Office of International Programs at the University of Pennsylvania  for the 2002-2003 academic year.  It reviews the highlights of the 2002-2003 year and outlines priorities for the 2003-2004 academic year.

Collection: AIFS

Format: Books and Pamphlets

Educating Global Citizens in College and Universities

Peter Stearns analyzes the major aspects of global education in American higher education institutions in Educating Global Citizens in College and Universities: Challenges and Opportunities.

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